Preliminary Injunction Granted

In early March 2018, Jantzen & Associates, P.C. pursued a preliminary injunction and trustee process against three separate defendants, individually and corporately, who had allegedly converted our client’s bank check in the amount of over $51,000.00.  The check was supposed to have been used to pay off our client’s loan on his trade-in vehicle.  At hearing, Jantzen & Associates, P.C. highlighted the defendants’ alleged and blatant conversion of the check and that the Defendants had concealed from our client that the new sale vehicle had been a prior “total.”

After oral argument in court, Jantzen & Associates, P.C. obtained an Order from the Middlesex Superior Court compelling the defendants to pay over $51,000.00 (into a court account) pursuant to Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Trustee Process.  The case is Divino G. DeSouza v. Adam Haddad, Action Auto Rental, Inc., Rondinele R. Freitas-Temponi (a/k/a “Ted”), Country Side Auto Sales, Inc., Rosemary Guedes and Team One Motors, LLC, Leandro Limos, Middlesex Superior Court, C.A. No. 18-588.  Handling attorneys are Peter J. Riordan, Esquire and Christopher M. Jantzen, Esquire.

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